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By Evencio Mediavilla, Santiago Arribas, Martin Roth, Jordi Cepa-Nogué, Francisco Sánchez

Concurrently storing either spectral and spatial details, 3D spectroscopy bargains a brand new approach to take on astrophysical difficulties, and opens up new traces of analysis. due to the fact that its inception within the eighties and early nineties, examine during this box has grown significantly. huge telescopes everywhere in the international at the moment are built with critical box devices, and tools of the long run James Webb area Telescope could have indispensable box spectroscopic services. these days, extra attempt is devoted to refining concepts for decreasing, interpreting and studying the information acquired with 3D spectrographs. Containing lectures from the 17th iciness college of the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute, this publication explores new 3D spectroscopy innovations and information. A huge and balanced presentation of analysis during this box, it introduces astronomers to a brand new iteration of tools, widening the attraction of essential box spectroscopy and aiding it develop into a robust software in tackling astrophysical difficulties.

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2 below). Interpolation, however, inevitably incurs loss of information. , 1981). 15. , 2004). this latter step of interpolation, merely assuming that the basic steps of data reduction have been applied to remove the instrumental signature, but otherwise presenting the data as a set of spectra with corresponding positions on the sky. 15 illustrates the spaxel-oriented approach of the Euro3D (E3D) FITS data format. Data analysis 3D data analysis comprises the inspection of data quality and the determination of scientifically useful physical quantities.

2 Comparison with classical techniques 3D spectroscopy – as opposed to conventional slit spectroscopy – has a number of unique advantages, which can be summarized as follows, and which will be described in more detail below: r a posteriori advantage, pointing; r absence of slit effects; 14 Martin M. 16. , 2004a). 17. a) ‘A posteriori’ advantage of 3D; b) unlike in slit spectroscopy, it is not necessary to center the object exactly within the aperture of the instrument. r r r r r atmospheric refraction; spatial binning, low surface brightness; differential spectrophotometry; crowded field 3D spectroscopy; ultra-deep faint object 3D spectroscopy.

Spectrophotometry, however, is severely compromised under non-photometric observing conditions. , 1987). Using this technique, it is possible to continue observing even through thin clouds and to compensate for transmission variations through the simultaneous observation of the standard star. Novel 3D spectrographs with large FoV, or instruments with deployable IFUs, or 3D spectrographs incorporating a direct imager for field acquisition and guiding are ideally suited to adopt this technique. Crowded field 3D spectroscopy Spectroscopy of individual sources embedded in densely populated stellar fields, or in bright nebular emission, or in a combination of both is a notoriously difficult undertaking, where the precise subtraction of the background component is often a challenge.

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