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A large company may offer the chance to move around. 42 42 Place A large company may offer large or prestigious projects. You may like the idea of working for a famous company. A small company may offer greater flexibility of work and provide rapid and wide experience. A small company may offer rapid promotion as they expand. Travelling a lot each day to and from work may prevent you from gaining extra qualifications at evening class. Commuting can be very expensive. In a small company you will get to know everyone.

Finally, be associated with success – not as a hanger-on but as a contributor. To use that old saying, don't be a passenger be part of the crew – preferably the captain or navigator. Appearance Always try to look the part or slightly above it. In other words dress to suit the image of the successful person doing your job, or slightly better. Knowing what this image is can sometimes be difficult. If you were going to an interview for a new job you would automatically dress to suit your image of the new position.

49 59 30 Minutes . . To Market Yourself Presentations Take any opportunity to make a presentation, provided of course that you know what to talk about and will not make a fool of yourself. There are three reasons why people shy away from making presentations: 1 They do not know the subject matter, or a colleague knows it better. 2 They lack presentation skills. 3 They are fearful of standing up and addressing a body of people. All three are valid reasons but ideally you should only miss an opportunity because of the first.

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