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By Pamela Sheldon Johns

50 nice Pasta Sauces has all of the correct elements to develop into a best-selling cookbook: daily Italian recipes that may be ready quick and cheaply, illustrated with appealing four-color photography.

Living on a farm in Tuscany, Pamela Sheldon Johns understands greater than a bit approximately Italian cooking, and 50 nice Pasta Sauces showcases a few of her top sauces accrued all through her broad culinary occupation. The recipes are divided into 4 mouthwatering categories--vegetable sauces, meat sauces, seafood sauces, and dairy sauces--each designed to be the center-piece of an impossible to resist, unforgettable meal.

Readers can essentially style the flavorful pasta dishes pictured within the wealthy, four-color pictures that accompany the recipes. The aromatic sauces nearly jump off the web page, begging to be savored. Who may possibly resist?

The recipes, starting from widely used, conventional standbys to inventive new favorites, include:

* Carbonara sauce 
* Browned butter and sage sauce
* Rosemary-lamb sauce
* Garlic shrimp and wine sauce
* Roasted tomato sauce
* Asparagus and butter sauce
* Creamy goat cheese sauce

50 nice Pasta Sauces offers readers and chefs a scrumptious, effortless, and reasonable style of Italy, correct of their personal houses.

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