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She liked serious novels and classical music. She liked the paintings of artists whose names he had never heard before. Bud had taken a piece of paper and written on it all the things that he knew about Marion Kingship. MAR/ON KINGSHIP She likes BOOKS: Proust, Flaubert, Dickens etc. PLAYS: Bernard Shaw, Tennessee Williams MUSIC: Stravinsky, Bartok PAINTERS: Renoir, Van Gogh, Hopper. ) FOOD: She likes Italian and Armenian food best. 68 69 New York City Things to do Read books on painters. Read Proust, Shaw and Flaubert.

They all had lunch together in the manager's office, then the manager took Bud and Marion into a room where there were some large photographs. The photographs showed the different processes which were used to make pure copper. The manager talked about this for over an hour. Bud was very interested. He had never been so interested in anything in all his life. "Leo isn't a young man," he said to himself. "He won't live for many more years. And tomorrow, I'll be his daughter's husband. " At that moment, Leo and Dettweiler came into the room.

I went to Menasset two days ago," said Gant. "I found your strongbox. I opened it and I found the brochures. " Bud thought quickly. He turned towards Leo Kingship. "OK, Leo. OK, OK," he said. "I did know Dorothy. I knew her, but I didn't kill her! I've never killed anybody. I confess t h a t I w a n t e d your m o n e y . T h a t ' s why I s e n t for t h e brochures. That's why I moved to Caldwell. That's why I moved to New York. Marion won't marry me — I realize that. So I want to leave this place now!

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