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By Peng T. Khaw, Peter Shah, Andrew R. Elkington

Within the 3 years because the third variation a lot has replaced within the remedy of eye stipulations. Glaucoma and macular degeneration, laser remedy in comparison with surgical procedure, the right way to take care of refractive mistakes - some of these may be defined intimately and illustrated with newly commissioned drawings and images.

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The patient may or may not give a history of diabetes, although the longer the duration of the diabetes, the more likely the patient is to have retinopathy. Remember that although the patient may describe the onset of visual loss as gradual, sight threatening diabetic retinopathy may still be present. Non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy is typified by microaneurysms, dot haemorrhages, and hard yellow exudates with well defined edges. There also may be oedema of the macula, which is less easily identified but can lead to a fall in visual acuity.

4 Eyelid, orbital, and lacrimal disorders Lumps in the lid The most common lump found in the eyelid is a chalazion, but the accurate diagnosis of a lid lump is important because the lump may: ● ● ● ● ● necessitate a disfiguring operation if not treated early—basal cell carcinoma be life threatening—a deeply invading basal cell carcinoma be the cause of visual disturbance—a chalazion pressing on the cornea and causing astigmatism indicate systemic disease—xanthelasmas in a patient with hyperlipidaemia cause amblyopia—if it obstructs vision in a young child.

Scarring of the cornea, associated with entropion of the upper eyelid resulting from trachoma, is one of the most common causes of blindness worldwide. Entropion: inturning eyelashes may scratch and damage the cornea Trichiasis Sometimes the lid may be in a normal position, but aberrant eyelashes may grow inwards. Trichiasis is more common in the presence of diseases of the eyelid such as blepharitis or trachoma. The eyelashes can be seen on examination, especially with magnification. They can be pulled out, but they frequently regrow.

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