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Acta Numerica is an annual ebook containing invited survey papers by means of best researchers in numerical arithmetic and clinical computing. The papers current overviews of contemporary advancements of their sector and supply 'state of the paintings' recommendations and research.

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2). 2) implies curl u = 0 which, together with div u = 0 and the boundary conditions, means u = 0 if the cohomology is trivial. 2) has solutions with zero frequency ω = 0. 3): in this case the eigenspace corresponding to the zero frequency is made of the harmonic vector fields plus the infinite-dimensional space grad(H01 (Ω)). It is well known that the space of harmonic vector fields is finite-dimensional, its dimension being the first Betti number of Ω. 3). 4b) (curl σ, q) = −λ(p, q) where H0 (div0 ; Ω) denotes the subspace of H0 (div; Ω) consisting of divergence-free vector fields and where the equivalence is given by λ = ω 2 , σ = u, and p = − curl σ/λ.

7). 8. A direct proof of convergence for Laplace eigenvalues A fundamental example of elliptic partial differential equation is given by the Laplace operator. Although the convergence theory of the finite element approximation of Laplace eigenmodes is a particular case of the analysis presented in Sections 7 and 9, we now study this basic example. The analysis will be performed with standard tools in the case of Dirichlet boundary conditions and piecewise linear finite elements, but can be applied with minor modifications to Neumann or mixed boundary conditions and to higherorder finite elements.

A generalized eigenvector is of order k if it is in ker(λ − T )k , but not in ker(λ − T )k−1 . The generalized eigenvectors of order 1 are called eigenvectors of T associated with λ, and are the elements of ker(λ − T ). Eigenvalue problems 45 The dimension of ker(λ − T ) is called the geometric multiplicity of λ, which is always less than or equal to the algebraic multiplicity. If T is self-adjoint, which will be the case for all examples discussed in this work, then the ascent multiplicity of each eigenvalue is equal to one.

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