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If characters are in enclosed spaces where smoke becomes overbearing, they receive one (1) to two (2) grades of fatigue (director’s discretion based on the amount of smoke) per turn. Falls Falling a great distance can either cause fatigue or injury at the director’s discretion. For example, a fall on a padded mat may cause only fatigue damage (‘having the wind knocked out of you’), while a fall on jagged rocks would most likely cause sever injury. The damage is equal to one (1) grade per six foot drop.

Some schools are lenient when it comes to handing out promotions, while others are quite finicky and rightfully so. There can be a huge difference in proficiency from two students of identical rank, but from different schools. It all boils down to the teacher and his top students. Japanese Belts BELT COLOR MAXIMUM SKILL jukyu kukyu hachikyu nanakyu rokyu gokyu yonkyu sankyu nikkyu ikkyu shodan nidan sandan yandan godan rokudan nandan hachidan kudan judan white white (yellow) white (orange) white (green) white (green) white (blue) white (blue) white (brown) white (brown) white (brown) black black black black black black (red & black) black (red & black) black (red & black) black (red) black (red) unskilled unskilled unskilled unskilled novice novice* novice proficient proficient proficient proficient proficient expert expert expert expert expert expert expert expert * unskilled if school starts at gokyu.

Like character abilities, vehicle abilities are rated on a scale from |-1| to |+5|. The amount of effort which may be exerted from these abilities is limited by the piloting or driving skill of a character, however. ABILITY RATINGS -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 poor performance average performance good performance excellent performance outstanding perf. next generation perf. unimaginable perf. CHARACTER’S SKILL MAX VEHICLE EFFORT unskilled novice proficient expert 0 +1 +3 +5 advanced exploits Using vehicles, such as motorcycles, military jets, starships, and so on, is based upon the same concepts used for characters.

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