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Chlorophyll a Fluorescence: A Signature of Photosynthesis highlights chlorophyll (Chl) a fluorescence as a handy, non-invasive, hugely delicate, swift and quantitative probe of oxygenic photosynthesis. Thirty-one chapters, authored by means of fifty eight foreign specialists, supply an exceptional starting place of the fundamental concept, in addition to of the appliance of the wealthy details inside the Chl a fluorescence sign because it pertains to photosynthesis and plant productiveness.

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15. Batch growth curve for cells grown on a single hydrocarbon drop In the second type of system, the dispersed phase is assumed to be pure substrate; therefore, the substrate concentration in the dispersed phase remains constant but the interracial area decreases as substrate is consumed. The growth of yeast on n-alkanes is one example of this type. In this type of dispersed system some of the cells will be adsorbed at the drop surface and the others will be suspended in the continuous phase also.

18] referring to each dominant genus in fauna observed in the sludge examination. Indeed, the fixing type, colonial in particular exhibited the most recommendable characteristics of both the settling pattern (Fig. 11) and the quality of effluent (Table 2). The reason for this good performance of the sludge could be attributed to the ramification of the floc surface due to the specific protozoa, whereas the poor performance of the swimming type especially in terms of the bacterial removal in settling might be ascribed to a less possibility of entrapping the bacteria due to the free swimming 4* 52 S.

Biotechnol. Bioeng. 8, 97 (1966). - - Biotechnol. Bioeng. 8, 109 (1966). : Biotechnol. Bioeng. 8, 43 (1966). : J. Ferment. Technol. 48, 117 (1970). : J. Ferment. Technol. 46, 814 (1968). : Chem. Eng. (Japan) 32, 376 (1968). - - - - - - - - - - - - H. Taguchi Dept. of Fermentation Technology Faculty of Engineering Osaka University, Osaka CHAPTER 2 Separation of Cells from Culture Media SHUICHI A r e a and MASAHARO NAGATANI With 11 Figures Contents 1. Introduction . . . . . . . . . .

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