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By I. Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

Advances in Chemical Physics covers fresh advances on the leading edge of analysis relative to chemical physics. The sequence, Advances in Chemical Physics, presents a discussion board for severe, authoritative reviews of advances in each region of the self-discipline.

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Three-Electron Atoms Using the finite-size scaling method, study of the analytical behavior of the energy near the critical point shows that the open-shell system, such as the lithium-like atoms, is completely different from that of a closed-shell system, such as the helium-like atoms. The transition in the closed-shell systems from a bound state to a continuum resemble a ‘‘first-order phase transition,’’ while for the open-shell system the transition of the valence electron to the continuum is a ‘‘continuous phase transition’’ [9].

The two systems closest to km are p" pd with k ¼ 0:33. The window in Fig. 17 shows the two PsÀ with k ¼ 0:5 and " different branches in their ground-state energy as a function of the location of the pseudocritical points lðNÞ c ðkÞ. The observation of two different branches leads us to investigate the similarity between the molecule-like systems of the right branch, k > km , such as the PsÀ , and the atom-like systems of the left branch, k < km , such as "p"pd. The parameter k measures the strength of the mass polarization term, which is due to the motion of the two identical particles with respect to the third particle.

ImðEÞ versus ReðEÞ for the ground-state energy of Hamiltonian equation (101), with a ¼ 0:2, J ¼ 1 from complex-rotated diagonalization with f ¼ np=10; n ¼ 0ðÞ, 1ðÞ, 2ð}Þ, 3ð4Þ, and 4ðÂÞ for increasing values of N. The minimum value of N for each angle is indicated by an arrow.

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