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Source : AGARD LS-43, paper no. 7 22 5)&"*3$3"'5%&4*(/130$&44t Landing Climb requirements have not only been formulated for take-off but also for landing. 15. 7% at the certificated minimum approach speed. 2%. When an engine failure occurs during flight it is possible to have a missed approach when approach flaps have been selected, but a go-around should not be attempted when landing flaps are deployed. Once landing flaps are selected the landing must be continued . The climb and descent performance requirements set operational restrictions to the take-off and landing weight depending on altitude and temperature (WAT limit) and obstacles.

It is not just filling in formulae; it is the actual numbers of the various coefficients that matter. When a given number is ascribed to the zero-lift drag coefficient CD0 or to the wing weight this means that the design specialists need to achieve this level of drag or wing weight. In preliminary design these numbers are not realized, they are given as minimum goals. Often the goals set by the preliminary design are too optimistic. Modifying the design is very costly, compensation will have to be paid and customers may be lost.

The first of the applications is on wings with sharp-swept leading edges. These wings generate leading-edge vortices, which produce additional lift; however, this comes at the expense of additional drag. These wings are mainly used on military aircraft – fighters in particular, as they have a large amount of thrust to overcome the extra drag, and can put the extra lift to good use. As for the computation, results with Euler codes give good results. The second application is in the prediction of Clmax of 2D airfoils (including airfoils with slats and/or flaps deflected).

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