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The alien plunged a 6-inch needle and his extensive interac(15cm) into Betty’s navel, causing her to scream tion with space aliens. in pain. However, Betty’s agony vanished instantly when the examiner waved his hand over the wound. Finally, Betty asked the examiner where he was from, but he said she was too ignorant to understand. The dream ended as the Hills left the UFO. Did You Know? Regressive Hypnosis Betty’s dreams continued for several years, and she was so bothered by the nightmares she decided to undergo regressive hypnosis.

The Etherians were from a dying planet that orbits the star Betelgeuse. Their spaceships were adorned with a trilateral, or three-sided, insignia. During the meeting, plans for diplomatic relations were laid. Cooper says the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a fictionalized account of the actual event in which humans made contact Army intelligence officer with Greys for the first time. Colonel Philip Corso claims Cooper’s story becomes more modern inventions such as complex when he reveals that anothfiber optic cable, computer er race of aliens were also involved.

4. Most abduction accounts emerge under hypnosis. [Researchers] demonstrate that memories recovered by hypnosis mingle truth and fantasy, while hypnotized subjects are highly suggestible and confabulate a story borrowing cues from the investigator. 5. Media and cultural influences provide all the necessary raw materials for an abduction story. 6. Abduction claims are implausible, unfeasible, and against everything we know. For instance, aliens that breathe our air with impunity contradict the principles of adaptive evolution, while flotation and passage through solid walls belong in ghost stories rather than in credible accounts of alien visitation.

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