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By Karma Chagme, Lopon Sonam Tsewang & Judith Amtzis, Kyabje Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche.

This namthar is not just the story of 1 extraordianry terton, revealing because it does - via anecdotes, letters, poetry, visions and goals - the deep own courting that existed among nice masters: Terton Migyur Dorje and Karma Chagme Rinpoche. It additionally includes substantial details at the nature of liberation tales themselves, how real tertons and tulkus should be pointed out, the significance and value of treasure teachings and sacred areas, the character of the guru-disciple dating and different an important subject matters. The textual content is extra graced with a wealth of reports of many different tertons, prophecies through Guru Rinpoche and different masters, in addition to insights into the everyday life and instances of a few the nice practitioners of seventeenth century Kham.

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Later, Gompopa received the title 'Tai' from a Chinese emperor. During his childhood, Terton Migyur Dorje explained why in this lifetime he was hom in a superior lineage. In his previous life as Wangdrag Gyatso, he was an excellent lama, but his family lineage was quite low. Kathog Monastery, where he was staying, had a lineage of throne holders, and his throne was slightly lower than the others. " Indicating Guru Rinpoche's particular compassion towards the lineage of Tibetan dharma kings, the Leu Dunma (Seven Chapter Supplication to Guru Rinpoche) states: Beginning with King Trisong Deutsen As long as the lineage of the dharma kings does not perish Pray to me without any doubt or a divided mind I will look upon you with unchanging compassion.

The ancient records note that this lineage produced four kinds of persons, six monks with six different qualities, eight fortresses situated at the confluence of two rivers, and four kinds of wealth that other Tibetans do not have. This lineage later divided into three main family lines: the white line, the white and black striped line and the black line. The white family line resides in the upper region, and their ancestors can be traced to the gods. Among them were originally nine groups, which later increased to twelve.

Although his body became thin and weak because of this, his grandparents were so attached to him that they did not allow him to leave. Migyur Dorje feared his grandfather too much to say that he was going. When his father asked whether he wanted to visit his parent's home, he replied "I don't know. " Around this time a sign occurred indicating that the dakinis and dharma protectors who hold the teaching were inviting him and making certain that the terton met his master. His grandfather was sitting near the fireplace drinking chang108 when many beautiful goddesses looking like human women and wearing ornaments actually appeared before him and performed profound and auspicious dances.

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