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By Oliveira R.F., Taborsky M., Brockmann H.J. (eds.)

The learn of other reproductive strategies (the behavioural ideas utilized by members to extend their reproductive good fortune) is an evolutionary puzzle, and certainly one of nice curiosity to researchers. for example, why perform a little men safeguard either nest and eggs, whereas others sneak into nests whereas pairs are spawning and fertilise these eggs? the sphere bargains a unique chance to review the evolution and useful factors of phenotypic version, that's a common challenge within the box of evolutionary biology. by means of integrating either mechanistic (psychological) and evolutionary (behavioural ecology) views and by means of overlaying a very good range of species, replacement Reproductive strategies addresses this built-in subject of longstanding curiosity, bringing jointly a mess of another way scattered details in an obtainable shape that's perfect for graduate scholars and researchers.

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