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The huge resource is related to the decline of the whales which used to feed on them. Now the whales are largely gone, the krill are flourishing. Although shrimp-like, krill are not shrimp and cannot be used like shrimp. The shell is quite hard and thick, so that meat yields are low. The meat is also difficult to extract. The huge quantities caught at one time add to the difficulties of processing on board the fishing vessels. Fishermen have to deal with the intense cold and storms of the Antarctic, too.

AO. Names in The Shrimp Encyclopedia, Chapter Three. 's annotated catalogue of the world's shrimp and prawn species includes a standard name for each species. This name is given in English, French and Spanish. In almost all cases, the three languages use the same name. For example, Metapenaeus barbata is called whiskered velvet shrimp in English, crevette chamois barbulee in French and camaron gamuza barbudo in Spanish. These names all translate the same way. The importance of these FAO. names is that they provide the only worldwide method of communication about shrimp species, other than using the scientific names in Latin which are cumbersome and difficult to recall.

In Bengal and Bangladesh, the word prawn is often used to label the large freshwater shrimp from the region's huge estuaries. Australians call their extensive shrimp resources "prawns:' In South Mrica, larger animals are called prawns and smaller ones shrimp. In Australia and New Zealand, crangonids are called shrimps, palaemonid and penaeids are called prawns, irrespective of size. The only point on which everyone can surely agree is that the Use of the word "prawn" in the English language is confusing and unclear.

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