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By Higgins, Godfrey ESQ

The treasure of data bought during the research of languages is to liberate the presents of antiquity. This e-book is an try to draw apart the veil of the "saitic isis" or an inquiry into the starting place of languages, international locations and religions.

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12, 22. 7 Sap . xi. 24, xii. 22. a Job xxviii. 12 9 Forster's Travels, Vol . II . p. 11 . to P . 17. 11 Hist. of Cashmir, Asiat 19 Travels, Vol . IIL p . 128, Ed. fol . 1688. Res. Vol. XV. p . 24 . 13 P. 137. 14 The last temple of Solomon was in the mere of the cashi or college ; this is in the town of the cashi or college. - See Webster's Diet. 1 Kingdom of Solomon Unknown 772 and is said to be a work of the Jews . But it is more generally called the Tuct Soliman or Throne Here we carry this religion over the Cashmerian mountains to Tartary .

I suspect the Zor is Sur-and aster-ana-and that Zo-radust is a corruption of Sur and Ras-di, the rough letter S changed or dropped as usual . We must not forget that the planets were all believed to be intelligent beings, to possess wisdom . They were all Rashees or Rishees . Sidus is the proper Latin for star, and aster for planet, and aster is, perhaps, formed by the common practice of the anagram from the word rast or rasit . The probability of this, like all other instances of conjectural etymology, must be left for the consideration of the reader-each case, without any general rule, depending on its own circumstances .

I have seen the ignorance of the Grecian historians of the Jewish nation accounted for by the pretence, that they despised the Jews too much to notice them . The reason is ridiculous and childish, not worthy of a moment's consideration . If the Greeks knew any thing of them, it is probable that they knew no more of them than the name, or than they knew of any other obscure mountain tribe . If I were to write a history of Britain it is probable that I should never name the town and church of Bangor : and yet I should not despise them .

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