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Let P(x, y) and Q(x, y) have second-order continuous partial derivatives in a simply connected region G, and assume that P(x, y) = 0 can be represented by y = f(x), and Q(x, y) = 0 can be represented by x = cp(y). Let the functions a ( 1 aQ) A(x,y) =ax Q ay I a (1 aP) B(x,y) = - ay Pax have the same signinG, never change sign, and assume that in any subregion at least one of A, B is not identically zero. Also assume that near the upper (lower) half of y = f(x), Band p-tapjax have opposite (same) sign, and near the right (left) side of x = cp(y), A and Q- 1 aQjay have opposite (same) sign.

21) is also a necessary condition for being stable (unstable) or semistable. 3. 21) is called a k- fold limit cycle. From this definition it is easy to see if r is a k-fold limit cycle, then no = 0 is a k-multiple root of the equation 'IJ(n0 ) = 0. If we draw the linen= no and the curve n = n(l, no) in the (n 0 , n) plane, then the origin is a k-fold point of intersection of these two curves. e. the conditions w'(O) < 0 (> 0) and fa' H(s) ds < 0 (> 0) are equivalent. 17) with respect to no, and obtain w'(no) In order to compute equation =fa' F~(s,n(s,no))n~0 (s,no)ds.

15, we only use the existence part of this theorem. 15. §3. ROTATED VECTOR FIELDS 47 trajectories of r a, while meeting the annular region, cross it in the exterior-tointerior direction. 15 (see the footnote to the preceding paragraph) we know that in this annular region there will again exist a new closed trajectory of F(a) which should lie in the interior of r a· This contradicts the definition of r a· Similarly, inN£, F(a) must have an outermost closed trajectory r a', which must be an externally stable cycle.

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