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By w. e. johns

, 191 pages, with four colored plates, frontispiece and different line illustrations within the textual content

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Asked Biggles. " Zahar pondered the question. "I know not the answer. Abu said it was to prevent others from finding the secret. It may be the truth. " "No. " At this point Ginger returned with the condensed food, and for the next half-hour they sat round while the Arab ate and drank eagerly, with obvious benefit to his condition. At last Biggles got up. "Enough has been said here," he told Zahar. " "Then let us depart from this place for it is accursed," said Zahar, as with some difficulty he got to his feet.

Asked Biggles, who was watching. " "I don't think there can be any doubt about it," declared Biggles. " "One or the other, certainly. He didn't come alone either. There were at least two of them. I've been looking at his pal, the one who died, and unless I'm mistaken it's Kuatim, another of Darnley's camellmen from Aden. " "Absolutely," murmured Bertie. "It looks as if they ran into a considerable spot of bother—if you see what I mean. " "That's what I'm hoping this chap will be able to tell us," replied Biggles.

I don't like the look of that," muttered Biggles. "Those stinking birds are gorged with food. Did you notice how they took off? " As Ginger jumped down the rays of the sun struck him like a blow. Heaven and earth alike seemed to glow. All around the hot air danced and trembled on the shining surface of Qarren, hard-baked sabkha. The silence was complete. Nothing interrupted a dreadful stillness. Even the drone of the reserve machine, circling overhead, seemed to be smothered by an overwhelming hush.

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