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Here is how you can do that: 1. You start with the tell block. Enter the lines shown in Figure 2-7, and click the Compile button. The second line starts with a double hyphen. This turns it into a comment, and AppleScript ignores it. Figure 2-7.

My thought was, if I know it, I will write it. There is so much more to a programming language such as AppleScript than meets the eye, and I wanted you to know as much of it as possible. com. Go to that site, and click the AppleScript book link to get to the download area. The scripts are divided into two groups: figure scripts and copy scripts. The figure scripts are the scripts that appear in the screen shots in the book, and they match the number of the screenshot. The copy scripts are the scripts that appear in the copy and have a code caption, such as Script 3-5, which would be script 5 in Chapter 3.

Note Identifiers are case insensitive; however, once you use a variable in a script, AppleScript will remember how you typed it, and anywhere else that you use it, AppleScript will change the case of the characters in the variable to match the same pattern you used the first time. Unlike many other programming languages, AppleScript allows you to assign any type of data to any variable. In some languages, when you create a variable, you also tell it what type of data it will hold. In AppleScript, you can create a variable, assign a text value to it, and later replace that value with a number.

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