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By David W. Barber

Bach, Beethoven and the men chronicles the lives of the good (and not-so-great) composers as you will have by no means learn them prior to - exploring their intercourse lives, exposing their foibles and increasing our wisdom of those extraordinary but additionally human creatures.

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They weren't terribly keen on the idea, but they gave him four weeks off anyway. 12 Bach had a wonderful time in Lübeck and was thrilled to bits by Buxtehude's playing. Since Buxtehude was thinking of 8 I'm sure these people mean well, but I don't think it's very polite to call someone a sponge. 9 As you'll soon find out, he was just warming up for the big Lübeck event. 10 Bach had it coming to him. " 11 Maybe he was hoping for a repeat of the coins-in-the-fish trick. 12 Playing organ pedals must be good for the leg muscles.

8 Maybe it's better not to ask. 9 He'd get into a snit like that every so often and the only thing to do was to humor him. 10 He was a little worried at first. He thought they were calling him a sissy. < previous page page_55 next page > < previous page page_56 next page > Page 56 Elector of Hanover. 11 He had only been there a few months when he asked for some time off to go to London. On his way he passed through Halle and said "Hi" to his mom, who told him to pack clean socks and write home when he got the chance.

Wilhelm Friedemann did pretty well as a composer and recitalist. "33 Carl Philipp Emanuel worked for Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. Frederick liked to play flute, but took liberties with the tempo. E. just played along and said nothing. After all, Frederick was the king. Johann Christian moved to London and wrote operas. There were other Bachs but none of them amounted to much. Bach's grandson, Johann Sebastian II, was a painter, but you can't get ahead that way. "34 31 Bach complained in a letter to his friend Erdmann that people in Leipzig just weren't dying fast enough for him to make a decent living.

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