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And Hultgren, B. (1990) Gross and microscopic anatomy of the vomeronasal organ in the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus. In: D. McDonald, D. M¨uller-Schwarze, and S. E. Natynczuk (Eds), Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 5. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 154–161. L. L. (1996) The sensorineural specializations of the trunk tip (finger) of the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus. Anat. Rec. 246, 127–134. L. E. (1999) Physiological correlates of musth: lipid metabolites and chemical composition of exudates.

H. (1979) Reproductive ecology of the house mouse. Quart. Biol. 54, 265–299. , LeRoux , M. -P. (1996) Mammalian exocrine secretions: X. Constituents of preorbital secretion of grysbok, Raphicerus melanotis. Ecol. 22, 739–764. V. J. (2007) An automated method for peak detection and matching in large gas chromatography-mass spectrometry data sets. Journal of Chemometrics In press. , Grammer, K. J. (2007) Pattern recognition of gas chromatography mass spectrometry of human volatiles in sweat to distinguish the sex of subjects and determine potential markers.

Extensive behavioral bioassays must be performed to determine whether any of these compounds is functioning as a pheromone among African elephants. 1 Background In our search for a female African elephant urinary pheromone that functions as a chemical signal of ovulation to conspecific males, we wanted to compare the volatile organic chemicals present in the urine at the time of ovulation (the LH2 surge) with those present at the mid-luteal phase of the estrous cycle. The use of automated SPDE/GC-MS facilitated the generation of a large number of mass spectral data files, typically representing hundreds of components in the total ion chromatogram 30 T.

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